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The Artillery Sidewinder X2 has quickly become one of our favorite desktop 3D printers for our day to day projects. A LOT comes in this small package - with a volcano nozzle, automatic bed leveling, filament runout sensor, power loss restart, fast heating bed, sturdy base and frame - the Artillery Sidewinder X2 is the perfect 3D printer for your school project, tinkering household hobby, and production status printing. Take your time to sift through the pictures above to take in all it has to offer, this FDM 3D printer is fast and detailed, while boasting an impressive 300x300x400mm build volume! 


Take advantage of our installation training package, where one of our 3D printing technicians will personally help you unbox, set up, and get printing within the first two hours of your Artillery Sidewinder X2 experience! This package is only currently offered within the Capital Region of NY. If you are outside this area, but would still like to receive some training, we can arrange virtual assistance that will help guide you along the process. Our training can also include our preset slicer settings via PrusaSlicer for the following materials: PLA, TPU (& Varioshore), PP, PETG. 

Artillery Sidewinder X2 - 3D Printer

$300.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price

We hope that we can help you in any way possible so you love your printer! In the event that you don't, this item must be reboxed and with all items accounted for in order to receive a full refund. If you have not taken advantage of our training package, we may suggest this before you consider a return. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. Please see our address below for the shipping address. All refunds are subject to review of the items included in the box, and will be administered within 15 days of return. 

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