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Our Clinical Promise at Amplify Prosthetics:
Each patient we serve will receive the exact treatment plan and assistive device which will enable them to surpass their rehabilitation goals, activities of daily living, and athletic endeavors. 

Direct Prosthetic Care (DPxC):
Our ABC Certified Prosthetist, Joe Fairley, MPO, MS is pioneering an initiative to reimagine how prosthetic care can be provided to all persons with amputations. Modeled similarly after the successful and innovative alternative payment model in primary healthcare - Direct Primary Care (DPC), DPxC offers a more personalized and affordable approach for patients wishing to obtain a prosthesis. By offering prosthetic care directly to the patient, we can offer at-cost prosthetic componentry as well as affordable monthly membership plans, so you can visit our expert clinicians as many times as you would like in order to fine tune your comfort, fit, and function. Without the involvement of insurance companies, we can greatly decrease the time it takes to deliver a prosthesis, reduce the overall cost of the device, and provide you with the exact device that will help you achieve all of your goals! Reach out to Joe to learn more, by phone: 518-813-2854 or email: - we look forward to hearing from you!

Foundational Partnerships and Donations:
Through strategic partnerships with industry foundations who seek to provide financial assistance for persons with amputations, we can provide additional resources for being able to afford the prosthetic componentry that might otherwise be unavailable to some patients. Devices such as microprocessor knees (MPKs), myoelectric hands, running blades, prosthetic covers, and secondary prostheses to shower with - are now all within reach to any amputee. 

Our "Put Your Best Foot Forward" fund serves the purpose of purchasing prosthetic componentry for those patients who need the assistance most. Whether you are a current patient, healthcare professional, family member, or anyone else looking to help amputees, we would be most appreciative for your donations! Email us for more information on how to donate.

DPxC Membership Plan Information Coming September 2023

Read more about DPC and the Direct Primary Care Coalition here.

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