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Flexible Inner Sockets

FoamFlex Air Flyer.jpg



Multiple color options


Uniform thickness 

Custom anatomical cushions

Tier 1 - FastFlex

  • TPU at uniform thickness

  • Black standard, other colors available upon request

  • Shore hardness of 92-95A

  • Similar to proflex


Tier 2 - FoamFlex

  • Fabricated with a material similar to a Keasy Cone, aside from the textured inside surface

  • Uniform thickness

  • Available in black, blue, red, green, and three skin tones

  • Approximately half the weight of a TPU or vacuum formed proflex flexible inner socket

  • FoamFlex w/ Distal Cushion: Optional integrated distal end cushion, recommended  to bill L5668 in addition to L5645


Tier 3 - FoamFlex Air

  • Building off of FoamFlex, we integrate custom air gaps/cushions around bony anatomy

  • Can help to reduce bony limb pressures and increase comfort

  • Available in black, blue, red, green, and white

  • Recommended to bill L5646 in addition to L5645

Our flexible inner sockets seamlessly integrate with your preferred definitive frame. We have defined procedures for using our flexible inner sockets with additively manufactured test sockets and definitive sockets, or vacuum formed test sockets and laminated definitive sockets.  Please contact us for workflow details based on your preferred fabrication method.

FastFlex 3D Printed Prosthetic Socket
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