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Silicone Tailored Liner (STL)

Test Socket BK 2.jpg

Tier 1 - The limb shape file you provide is ready for us to print

Tier 2 - Clinical modification services needed prior to printing

Blue FF.jpg

Tier 1 - FastFlex

Tier 2 - FoamFlex

Tier 3 - FoamFlex Air

Several color options

Certified Skin Safe

Find out more here!

Durable silicone gel

Custom cushioned areas

Cushion style, non-locking

Preparatory Sockets

Material Choices:

Suggested use of up to 12 months

Definitive Sockets

AF Definitive SLS PA11 with FastFlex Inner

3D Printed Definitive - MJF PA11 Nylon Vapor Smoothed

Go to our Resources page for LCode suggestions and supporting documentation

Cover Front
Cover Front 2
Cover Back
Cover Magnet Holder
Cover Weight w Magnets
C-Leg 4 Red
C-Leg 4 Red Back
Georgia Bulldogs
CLeg Front Posterior
Dallas Star
CLeg Back Anterior
C-Leg 4 Black Cover Lateral
C-Leg 4 Black Cover Posterior

Custom shape by 3D scan or by measurements of sound side

BK, AK, MPK or other prosthetic knee covers

Artistic designs available upon request

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