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Additive Manufacturing (AM) Distribution  Ecosystem

Our Supported 3D Printer Brands

We are an authorized distributor for several FDM 3D printers. In addition to utilizing these printers in our 3D printing service, we offer onsite installation training and troubleshooting/maintenance support for any industry! You can take advantage of our leasing programs, or get in touch with us today for a customized quote!

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Blackbelt Logo.jpg

Now supporting an extra wide carbon fiber bed, long roller table, IDEX dual extrusion option, and enclosures heated and un-heated, the Blackbelt 3D printer is the definition of true production status for additive manufacturing. This 3D printer is capable of serial production and the option to print very long parts, and with much less support material. Ascent Fab is now supporting the distribution of the Blackbelt 3D printer for North America, so reach out to us today for a quote and to learn about our installation training and maintenance packages!

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