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3D Printing Supply Shop

Welcome to our 3D printing supply shop! Check out our new offerings for FDM 3D printers! If you're just getting started with 3D printing, our installation training package will help you get up and running with your new 3D printer for any application. We will ship internationally - get in touch with us via the chat or by email and we will send you an invoice to proceed with your order. 

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Now supporting an extra wide carbon fiber bed, long roller table, IDEX dual extrusion option, and enclosures heated and un-heated, the Blackbelt 3D printer is the definition of true production status for additive manufacturing. This 3D printer is capable of serial production and the option to print very long parts, and with much less support material. Ascent Fab is now supporting the distribution of the Blackbelt 3D printer for North America, so reach out to us today for a quote and to learn about our installation training and maintenance packages!

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The ICARUS 3D Printer has been built by Filament Innovations since 2016. It is designed with no compromises in mind - choose from either a Pellet extrusion system or a high-flow Filament system, precision laser scanner, enclosed ballscrews, and American Made Servo motors (just to name a few details). It is designed to perform and be the reliable 3D Printer your company demands. The ICARUS Pellet version is priced at $50,000, while the Filament version is priced at $35,000. An optional 25kg Pellet Dryer is available at $11,000. 

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The ARES Pellet Printer was designed to give every business access to affordable pellet printing. With its impressive build area and Pulsar FGF Pellet System, from Dyze Design, this machine was designed to be compact and accessible, without sacrificing quality. With a price of $79,000, door to door in the USA, the ARES will change how users 3D Print. Pellet 3D Printing is new, so we want to make a reliable ecosystem for first time users. Included in the purchase price is the ARES printer (dedicated 110VAC 20amp circuit), 25kg pellet dryer (110VAC dedicated 15amp circuit), and our ODIN slicing software. All you have to do is supply a 100PSI compressed air line!