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Silicone Tailored Liner (STL)

Several color options

Certified Skin Safe

Clinician Approved

Durable silicone gel

Custom cushioned areas

Cushion or Locking

The STL is a digitally designed - 3D Printed - custom prosthetic cushion liner that provides the optimal skin interface for everyday life, sensitive scarred limbs, and high impact activities. Tailored bony anatomy cushions provide inherent force dissipation, and a pre-flexed knee angle accompanied by a thinned popliteal region allow for dynamic comfort. Custom colors are available upon request!

Taking our digital clinical workflows one step further, our "Designed To Fit" solution offers a well fitting test socket which can be ordered with your first liner. We suggest using Comb or another highly accurate scanner, within +/- 1-2mm. Only cushion liners are available at this time. Proximal and popliteal thickness is 2.5mm, distal and other bony anatomy cushions are 15mm and 9mm respectively unless otherwise specified. Liner color will be blue unless otherwise requested.


We have a 60 day warranty for only mechanical failures of the liner (ripping, excessive wear and tear, or similar), and a 30 day trial period for the customized cushions if our team designs the liner. If you indicate on the work order the areas and amounts that you want the cushions built up, then we will follow those instructions and there is no 30 day trial period.  

Lead Time: 10 business days

Silicone Tailored Liner Flyer.png
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