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All flexible inner sockets, preparatory sockets, and definitive sockets are warrantied for 90 days following the date of delivery to the patient. This includes ONLY mechanical failures inherent to the use of the prosthesis by the patient. 

Test sockets are not warrantied due to their nature of short-term, mainly in-clinic use.

No flexible inner socket or definitive socket will be warrantied based on the fit to the patient. If there are discrepancies with the fit, these should be assessed and rectified during the test socket phase.

Refunds & Returns

All refunds and returns will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The refund or return request must be submitted by email to no later than two weeks following the mechanical failure of the device or delivery of the shipment to the clinician. All refund and return requests must submit anterior, medial, lateral, and posterior pictures of the device in question, as well as a detailed account of the event that caused the mechanical failure. The device will only be refunded or re-fabricated if we deem any failure to be the result of proper use by the clinician, technician, or patient according to our guidelines and specifications.


By purchasing any definitive device, the client assumes all liability after delivery of the device to the patient.

All 3D printed test sockets will not be as transparent as traditionally vacuum formed test sockets. This is in the nature of the product manufacturing process and cannot be avoided. 

It is suggested that if a flexible inner socket is to be used, then the clinician should achieve a 2ply fit for the test socket due to the inherent friction of the 3D printed flexible inner socket. 

If the 3D printed test socket or prep socket is to be used outside the office, then the clinician assumes all liability. These sockets should be fiberglass wrapped at the clinician’s discretion.

Flexible inner sockets, protective covers, and definitive sockets have a 90 day warranty, while prep sockets have a 60 day warranty, including ONLY mechanical failures inherent to the use of the prosthesis by a patient.

Social Media Dissemination Policy


We are proud of the work we do and we are passionate about displaying it. At your discretion, you may opt-in via our work order, to allow the Ascent Fab team to publicly disseminate through any social media platform or our website, any picture or video we take of the product alone, without reference to your company or any patient information (ie. any company likeness, any likeness of the patient, or patient identifiers). If you would like us to display or reference any likeness of your company or any patient, a media release form must be signed and we must be notified via email. We cannot be held liable for any reposting of our material, without our and your prior consent. 

Payment Terms

Payment for orders in the amount of less than $1,000 will be due upon submission of the work order. Upon submission of a work order, an invoice will be generated and sent within 1 hour of your submission. The Ascent Fab team will not begin working on your order until payment has been received. Any order greater than $1,000 will require a 50% deposit due upon receipt of the invoice, and the remaining balance will be due upon completion of the fabrication of your order, prior to it being shipped. All prices are subject to change with or without notice and the final price may be subject to acceptance of FINAL CAD DATA. 

Upon receipt of the invoice, you acknowledge our terms and conditions as well as all liability waivers listed on this page and within the price sheet.

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