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PPprint is the leading provider of high quality and innovative polypropylene 3D printing solutions.

  • They have developed the world's first breakaway support material for use with polypropylene.

  • ‘P-filament 721 natural’ is certified as biologically safe according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5, and is therefore ideal for 3D printing components that are in contact with skin.

  • 'P-filament 721’ offers excellent 3D printing performance with low warpage and shrinkage combined with extremely high layer adhesion.


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By working with the Filament Innovations team, you are working with a family-owned company who supports USA manufacturing and who is focused on the growth of industrial, high-flow FDM and FGF 3D Printing.

After our own hearts, these 3D Printers - KRATOS, ICARUS, POSEIDON - are designed to be work-horses. While running non-stop, with minimal maintenance, they are easy to use and deliver amazing quality prints. 

The Comb 3D scanning app, hosted on an iPhone X or newer is the most accurate and detailed handheld scanner in our opinion. After a slight learning curve of being able to use the front facing camera, it's ease of use becomes second nature with daily applications in any P&O clinic. 

We have vetted many 3D scanning technologies over the last 6 years, and we have found that Comb is our go-to solution for every application. 

Ascent Fab has partnered with vBionic to provide the TOLKA Hand prosthesis to the United States market! This highly cosmetic and anatomical semi-passive prosthetic hand has a patient-matched skin tone silicone glove - which can also be sold separately.  

Click on the PDF button below to view the Product Specification!


Ascent Fab and VHP will be providing upper extremity prosthetic componentry to amputees in-need in the United States. The Victoria Hand is a harness-driven body-powered upper extremity prosthetic device, which aims to provide those people with limited or no access to prosthetic care, a functional solution for home or light duty work-related tasks.

Click on the PDF buttons below to view their Product Specifications!

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