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Patient Highlights

FoamFlex Air Patient

Like walking on air, noticeably lighter, I wish I had this 15 years ago


FoamFlex Air Patient

This feels great, so different than any prosthesis I have ever had

What clinicians are saying:

"The built in air pockets and distal end pad allowed for inherent relief and comfort without sacrificing total contact...he felt like he could fully load the prosthetic side, taking stress off the contralateral joints...he even started jogging in the office, something he hasn't been able to do for a very long time."

- Casey Gruber, CPO, Evergreen P&O

"Great collaboration with Bionic P&O Group and Ascent Fabrication. We were able to provide our patient with a 3D printed flexible inner socket with multi-density pockets around his sensitive bony prominences. He has been a very tough fit, and his thoughts on the flexible socket - 'this feels great, so different than any prosthesis I have ever had'."

"The patient was in the clinic 1-2 times per week, then I had to reach out to see how he was doing, this is what he said - 'Leg is doing well, I have been sprinting on the treadmill with it, so it's doing great!'"

 "Just want to give a shout to a great solution for one of my long time patients. They have been a dysvascular bilateral BKA for over 10 years. They have had constant minor abrasions on their the fibular head and distal tibia as their sockets loosened. They have been using the FoamFlex Air Inner sockets for almost 10 months now. They told me today that 3D printing was the best innovation they have had since working with me over this time. 'I have not had any sore spots in so long it's great! It feels so good I am now walking about 20,000 extra steps per week.'" 

- Tony Gutierrez, CP, Bionic P&O

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