Lower Limb Orthoses

FDM and SLS Medial.jpg

Pictured here is an FDM Polypropylene Solid-Ankle AFO on the left, and a SLS PA11 Nylon Solid-Ankle AFO on the right. 

We are now providing two different 3D printed options for lower limb orthoses! 

Choose from:

  • FDM Polypropylene

  • SLS PA11 Nylon (vapor smoothed and dyed)

Design Options:

  • Solid Ankle AFO

  • Articulated AFO

  • Supramalleolar Orthosis (SMO)

  • Inner Boot - FoamFlex

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FDM Polypropylene Color Options

PPprint Full Color Line.png

SLS PA11 Nylon Color Options

Definitive Socket Color Pallete.png

FoamFlex Inner Boot Color Options

Varioshore Blue.png
Varioshore Red.png
Varioshore Green.png
Varioshore Black.png