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Rowing Industry

Introducing our first public offering of 3D printing and design services outside the medical field! Here you can order boat parts and accessories for rowing! If you do not see a part here that you think we should have available, please get in touch via email or phone to inquire about a prototype design. 


  • Please use the link below to request your parts

  • Your order will be automatically received by an Ascent Fab team member

  • You will receive an email confirmation of your order

  • Once your order is ready, shipping will be calculated and included in an invoice which will be sent to the email you provided

  • Payment can be submitted in the form of a credit card (4% transaction fee included)

    • Please Note: Your order will not ship until payment has been received​

Parts & Accessories:

Oarlock Spacer
Details: 6.5mm thick, 13mm pin, yellow
Price: $0.35 each

Oar Shim
Details: 1cm thick, fits Concept2 and Braca-Sport sweep oars
Price: $1.35 each

Oarlock Spacer Product Picture.jpg
Oar Shim
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