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This manual is a living document which may be updated from time to time as our workflows adapt and evolve. The consumer of this document should check in with the Ascent Fabrication team at least twice per year to make sure that they have the most up to date version. Workflows for more devices may also be added to this document as we validate their function and viability. This document should only be distributed to our partners who have participated in our Meshmixer Master Class. If someone reaches out to you and asks for guidance relating to the contents of this manual, who has not taken the class, please forward their contact information onto us: The Ascent Fabrication dummies, distal end components, and 3D printer profiles will only be distributed to those people who have participated in the applicable Meshmixer Master Class coursework. If you notice an error in this document, please let us know!The content of this manual is considered the sole Intellectual Property of Ascent Fabrication Inc. It may not be copied, recorded, transferred, or distributed in any format that is not first approved by Ascent Fabrication owner, Joe Fairley.

Meshmixer Master Manual

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