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Our Company

Your Preferred Partner in Digital P&O Workflows

We are committed to collaborating with your practice to assist in providing innovative digital and patient-centric solutions. Ascent Fabrication is continuously implementing diligent research and development practices in order to fabricate highly functional and dimensionally accurate products. We pride ourselves on having a wealth of knowledge in the additive manufacturing field, and we like to share that knowledge with our clients. If you are interested in educational material, recorded video trainings, and one-on-one live trainings - we have got you covered! 


We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, attempting to utilize recycled and biodegradable materials when appropriate. You may notice that your product is delivered in another company's shipping box - we like to reuse boxes and packaging materials as much as possible! 

You may notice our beautiful background photos of mountainous landscape. These were taken by our Founder, Joe Fairley, on his escapades through the Adirondacks and Idaho wilderness. The mountains in these photos represent the key point to our mission:

* We strive for impactful innovation which allows your patients to Ascend to new heights *


We are also passionate about the non-profit and indigent patient populations, having been part of bringing 3D printing of prosthetic devices to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in our past experiences.  Contact us today to see how you can support our non-profit efforts! 

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