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Ascent Fab View

To verify your device before fabrication, we send out a link to your email after you have submitted a work order for our Ascent Fab View! This is powered by Autodesk Fusion360, and demonstrates what your model will look like after it has been designed by our Digital Prosthetic Engineer. This unique view gives you an opportunity to give us feedback before the device is fabricated! The link is unique per device, is password protected, and screenshots can be taken of the design and you can upload them to your patient's chart. You can even view it on the browser of your phone!

To Approve the design, simply reply "Approve" in an email response back. To Deny the design and ask us to edit, please use the mark-up tools and screenshot your proposed edits. Then, email us the screenshot along with more detailed information on your changes to be made, and you can request that an Ascent Fab team member contact you for further clarification.

Please note: We will only hold on fabrication for up to 24 hours after this link is sent out. If by then, you have not replied with an Approve or Deny, we will proceed with fabrication as if you have approved the design.

Use this link to try it out!

Use this password:

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